Updated April 30, 2020
The resources outlined below are guides to help UT Dallas employees work remotely. For comprehensive list of resources, please visit our How-To Guide Directory.
The Information Security Office has published Guidance on Cyber Commuting.
Educational Technology Services has published Rapid Remote Teaching Resources.
If you need assistance, the OIT Help Desk continues to be available via phone, chat, or email from 7:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. 7 days a week.

Get Connected

Access to UTD Systems

NetID Password Reset Instructions

NetIDplus (Duo)

NetIDplus powered by Duo (also called two-factor authentication) is required to access some UT Dallas resources, including the VPN, Box, Office 365, and some portions of Galaxy (W2, Direct Deposit). Please be sure you have a device configured (accessible from home) that:

  • Has the Duo Mobile App installed and activated (preferred) OR
  • Is set up to receive phone calls or text codes from Duo

You can add multiple devices as Duo Mobile authenticating devices (see instructions for details). We recommend using the Duo Mobile App (iOS App Store | Android Google Play) as the primary device for Duo authentication (find out how to use it).
Setting up NetIDplus in advance of working remotely is highly recommended, as IT resources may be overwhelmed and not able to unlock accounts or provide bypass code capabilities quickly.


Being on-campus or connected to the UT Dallas VPN is required for some resources, although many users will not need the VPN to work remotely. Below is a list of frequently used UT Dallas resources divided by when you would require VPN service.
In a situation where a large number of staff are working remotely, usage of the VPN will likely increase significantly. Please only use the UT Dallas VPN when it is needed.

  • UT Dallas web pages
  • Office 365, including Teams and OneDrive
  • UT Dallas Email
  • Box.com
  • Galaxy
  • E-Learning
  • PubSSH
  • Most Library Resources
  • OnBase Web Client
  • JIRA

  • Departmental Shared Drives
  • Home Drives (excluding OneDrive)
  • eCAT
  • Confluence
  • OnBase Unity Client
  • SSH (excluding PubSSH)
  • Remote Desktop
  • Editing UT Dallas Web Pages (CMS)

(updated 4/1/2020)
The Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN is currently the supported VPN client at UT Dallas. The VPN client may be installed on personal or UTD-owned devices. Learn how to install and connect to the VPN.

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Access Resources

Software for Personal Devices

If you are using your personal device to work remotely, two main software packages are available to install from UT Dallas:

Remote Desktop

Windows Devices on the UT Dallas domain can be accessed from another computer using Remote Desktop. Prerequisites for connecting via Remote Desktop:

  • You must know your computer’s name (also called “hostname”). This is generally a series of 2-4 letters followed by the UTD Asset Number of the computer (examples: UTD200345, BE53424, ENG23456, ME323412, JSOM234564). If you know your asset tag number but not the letters before it, contact the Help Desk for assistance.
  • Your computer must be online.
  • You must have access to log in remotely. If you already have administrative access to your computer, you will almost always have access to your computer via Remote Desktop.

Once you have your computer’s name, connect to:
(your hostname here).campus.ad.utdallas.edu.
More Information on Remote Desktop

Mapping a Network Drive

If you are not able to Remote Desktop to a campus computer and you need to access a shared drive, you can connect from a UTD or personal laptop.
Prerequisites for connecting to a network drive:

  • You must know the network drive path. Most network drive paths follow this naming convention:
    • \\campus.ad.utdallas.edu\UTD\Dept\<deptname>
  • NOTE: Knowing just the drive letter (example G:) is NOT enough to connect to a network drive from off campus.

More Information on Shared Drives

Accessing OneDrive

Files stored in OneDrive can be accessed through a web browser, or by installing and logging in to the mobile app or apps for Windows or Mac.
More Information on OneDrive

Accessing Box (CometSpace)

Files stored in Box.com can be accessed through a web browser, or by installing and logging in to the mobile app or apps for Windows or Mac.
More Information on Box

Connecting via SSH

PubSSH is a public-facing SSH/SFTP server. Although the UTD VPN is not needed to access pubssh you will need to use NetIDplus two factor authentication in order to login. The hostname is pubssh.utdallas.edu. Once you are connected to PubSSH, you can then SSH to another UTD server if needed.
More Information on SSH

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Communicate & Collaborate

Forwarding Your Desk Phone to a Cell Phone

To submit a request to forward your UT Dallas extension to your cell phone, please click here.

Updating Your Voicemail

If you are planning to be away from your office, we suggest you place a voicemail greeting indicating that you are away from the office and can be reached via email. For more information on updating your voicemail, click here. For shared voice mailboxes, please submit a ticket to have your PIN reset if needed.

Accessing Microsoft Teams Remotely

Microsoft Teams can be downloaded and installed on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. Find installers at teams.microsoft.com/downloads.
Teams can also be used in a web browser. Google Chrome or the new Microsoft Edge are the recommended browsers for accessing Teams. Visit teams.microsoft.com and log in with your NetID@utdallas.edu to get started.
Teams provides a way to chat, video call, and screen share with others within UT Dallas. Teams Meetings are available and can have up to 250 participants (including external participants) per meeting.
More Information on Teams
Quick Start Teams Video Series
Teams Interactive Demo
Using Whiteboard in Teams Meetings

Co-Authoring in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Co-authoring allows more than one user to work on a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file at the same time. It is available for files that are stored in OneDrive or Teams:
Co-Authoring with OneDrive
Co-Authoring with Teams

For more information on other Office 365 communication & collaboration resources, visit office365.utdallas.edu.

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Get More Help


The Walk-Up Support ROC 2.902 location is closed indefinitely. Only the Founders Lab remain open (with limited hours & appointment required). Support via phone, email, and chat continues to be available 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Headset Options

For recommendations on headsets, please visit the Headsets page.

eLearning/Coursebook Tools & Tutorials

For more information on eLearning, visit the Educational Technology Services website.

Quick Solutions for Common Issues

For more guides on common IT issues, visit our How-To pages.

Atlas Service Catalog

Our Atlas Service Catalog is a web-based user interface that faculty, students, and staff can use to submit technology help requests, report outages, request a service.
Visit the Atlas Service Catalog

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