Currently only Founders Lab is open to students. Access to the lab is by appointment only. Please call 972-883-2393 to make an appointment.

New! Can’t make it to campus but need to use a Lab computer? Try our OIT Remote Lab! For instructions please visit our HowTo page. Available: Monday-Friday: 8 am-11pm Saturday-Sunday: 9am-11pm

The Labs provide Windows and Mac computers loaded with academic and productivity software. We also provide walk-in technology support as well as Cometprint support.

Locations & Hours

  • Founders Commons
  • Location: FO 1.206
  • Phone: (972) 883 2393

Access to the lab is by appointment only. Please call 972-883-2393 to make an appointment.


See the full Founders Lab schedule.

  • McDermott Sonora
  • Location: MC 1.314
  • Phone: (972) 883 5379

See the full Sonora Lab schedule.

For reservation requests, please contact the Lab Admins

The Help Desk has walk-in locations in the McDermott Sonora and Founders Commons Computer Labs! The CAs in the labs are able to offer students help with the following problems:

  • NetID/password issues
  • Basic wireless configurations
  • General Information on OIT licensed software, browser configuration, and anti-virus software installation

The Help Desk also offers support by phone, email, and web chat to help with more complex issues.

For information about lab printing services, please see our CometPrint page.

Poster Printing

As an additional service to students, the Labs also offer poster printing. If you’d like to print a sign or poster for your campus event or just to decorate your apartment, we can help you out. You design the poster and we’ll print it for you! Standard poster sizes are 11”x17”, 24” x 36”, and up to 36″x72″. Please allow 5 business days to complete large format poster printing. Color posters start at $5/each and increase depending on size, ink used, and paper type. Poster printing services do not operate on the same payment format as CometPrint, you will need to have Cash as payment when you collect your order. If this poster is to be used on campus, please be familiar with the UTD Policy on Publicity and Signs. Please email the Lab Admins, for your sign/poster printing needs with your design attached.

Policies for Use of the Student Computer Labs

These policies apply to the use of all facilities operated by Client Services, a division of the Office of Information Technology (OIT). They are intended to facilitate the use of the labs in the best interests of all users.

  • The labs are available for use by currently enrolled UTD students, by current UTD faculty, and by research and teaching assistants authorized by a faculty member through completion of an electronic Computer Access Tool (eCAT).
  • New students may request UTD NetID help at any of the Labs from the first class day of the semester in which they are enrolled.
  • A validated UTD Comet Card must be presented in order to request a UTD computer account. No other form of ID will be accepted.
  • Only the holder of the UTD computer account may use the provided facilities or network resources. Access of your account by others (students, faculty and staff included) is prohibited and may result in revocation of your account.
  • Students are held responsible for any destructive or illegal activity done by those to whom they give access to their accounts. You may also be held responsible if the activity occurred without your knowledge or consent. If you think someone may have discovered or guessed your password, change it immediately.
  • Students who are not enrolled during the summer semester will not be allowed to use the Student Computer Labs.
  • Graduating students will retain access to the computer labs for a brief time after graduation. Please check with a Lab CA for details.
  • Facilities can be used only for instructional, research, and academic support activities directly associated with and administered through the University of Texas at Dallas.

  • The Labs are supervised at all times by Computer Lab Assistants (CAs) who have the responsibility to ensure the security and smooth operation of the Labs in the best interest of all users.
  • No food or tobacco products are allowed in the Labs. Drinks must be in a covered container. Open containers should be stored away or disposed of before entering the Labs.
  • For their protection, children are not allowed in the Labs.
  • Students are responsible for all charges made to their UTD accounts.
  • Neither the Office of Information Technology nor the Student Computer Labs are responsible for personal items left in the Labs.
  • Users are not allowed to install software or games of their own except in the rooms in which this is acceptable (ask a CA for the location of these rooms, as it may change). Even then, certain programs may be deemed unacceptable and may not be installed on the Lab machines. Any students using software not already installed on the Lab machines will have lower priority than students using the labs for instructional, research, or academic support activities.
  • When demand for machines exceeds the number available, use may be restricted.
  • TCS may offer training and provide consulting on hardware and system software operations to the extent that a user can gain access to a given application package or programming language.
  • Instruction, training, and assistance in the use of a particular application or programming language are the responsibility of the instructor or TA for a given course. Computer Lab Assistants are not required to aid students in the mechanics of these programs.
  • Hardware problems or suspected software bugs should be reported to a CA.
  • No materials or equipment may leave the Labs under any circumstances without the written permission of the Lab Manager. CAs, TAs, RAs, and faculty are NOT authorized to permit materials or equipment to leave the Labs.

  • To comply with Copyright and License Agreements and to protect University property, the systems may be remotely monitored on a random basis to ensure against illegal duplication of system software, application programs and/or data files that have not specifically been placed into a public area for the purpose of duplication. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against anyone found in the act of unauthorized duplication or using the resources of the Labs in a malicious manner.
  • The Office of Information Technology and Technology Client Services reserve the right to refuse use of these facilities to any person or any group if it is in the best interests of the University or other users to do so.
  • The facilities are open to all UTD students, faculty, and staff irrespective of school affiliation. The policies specified here apply to all users.

Lab Staff


Jacob Abraham, Lab Manager

Jacob Abraham
Lab Manager

Shawn Joseph, Assistant Lab Manager

Shawn Joseph
Assistant Lab Manager

Valerie Enriquez, Assistant Lab Manager

Valerie Enriquez
Assistant Lab Manager

Computer Assistants

Glen V

  • Glen V.

  • Marcus M.
  • Undergraduate
  • Computer Science

  • Anant K.
  • Undergraduate
  • Electrical Engineering

Sabal R.

  • John B.
  • Undergraduate
  • Electrical Engineering

gelareh N.

  • Farishah N.
  • Undergraduate
  • Health Care Studies

Elias P.

  • Sabal R.
  • Undergraduate
  • Computer Science

Daniel M

  • Daniel M.
  • Undergraduate
  • Computer Science

Hafsah J

  • Hafsah J.
  • Undergraduate
  • Neuroscience

Gelareh N

  • Gelareh N.
  • Undergraduate
  • Computer Engineering

Zunafar K

  • Zunafar K.
  • Undergraduate
  • Information Technology and Systems

Neha J

  • Neha J.
  • Graduate
  • Supply Chain Management Dual Degree

Ryan K

  • Ryan K.
  • Undergraduate
  • Computer Engineering

John H

  • John H.
  • Undergraduate
  • Arts and Technology

Elias P

  • Elias P.
  • Undergraduate
  • Arts and Technology

Rita S

  • Rita S.
  • Graduate
  • Social Data Analytics and Research

Marlon P

  • Marlon P.
  • Undergraduate
  • Mechanical Engineering

Gouri N.

  • Gouri N.
  • Undergraduate
  • Computer Science

Mabel Q

  • Mabel Q.
  • Undergraduate
  • Criminology

Hayden S

  • Hayden S.
  • Undergraduate
  • Arts and Technology

Mariana H

  • Mariana H.
  • Undergraduate
  • Electrical Engineering

Luke T

  • Luke T.
  • Undergraduate
  • Computer Science

Firdous F

  • Firdous F.
  • Graduate
  • Information Technology and Management

Saloni S

  • Saloni S.
  • Graduate
  • Business Analytics

Sneha B

  • Sneha B.
  • Graduate
  • Business Analytics

Ashton E

  • Ashton E.
  • Undergraduate
  • Information Technology and Systems

Gabi P

    • Gabi P.
    • Undergraduate
  • Marketing

Josh B

  • Josh B.
  • Undergraduate
  • Computer Science

Anchal J

  • Anchal J.
  • Graduate
  • Information Technology and Management

Sofia M

  • Sofia M.
  • Undergraduate
  • Marketing