All members of UTD are issued a UTD-ID, and later, a NetID. This page is a quick overview of how to recognize each ID and where they will be used.

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What is my UTD-ID?

Example: 2012345678

Your UTD-ID is the number on your Comet Card and it would have been issued to you by email when your application to UTD was processed. It is a ten digit number that acts as the unique identifier for your account (e.g.1234567890; older Comet Cards may have 8 digits*).

Your UTD-ID is used for business purposes on-campus to protect the privacy of your Social Security Number. Don’t disclose your UTD-ID to off-campus individuals.

You will use your UTD-ID, NetID, and Date of Birth to create a password at

How do I find my UTD-ID?

Check your UTD Comet Card. (If the number on your Comet Card only has 8 digits, you will need to add 20 in front of your UTD-ID when you enter it. For example, if the number on your Comet Card is 12345678, you will enter 2012345678 in the UTD-ID field.)

If you do not have your UTD-ID or Comet Card, current and former employees can retrieve it by emailing

Your UTD-ID is normally sent in your application acknowledgment email from If you need help, please contact the Office of Admission and Enrollment Services at 972-883-2270 or 1-800-889-2443.

UTD-ID will be on your UTD Comet Card. Contact the Office of the Registrar for help.

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What is my NetID?

Your NetID is a Network account, used to access campus computing resources. It usually begins with your initials followed by numbers (e.g., abc123456). Your NetID is associated with a network password (update your password at . Keep your password secret.

Use your NetID and password to access the UT Dallas network, check your email, and UTD systems including:

How do I find my NetID?

You should have received an email with the subject: “Activate your UT Dallas Account” from This email will have your NetID information. If you need help, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 972-883-2911 or email

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