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Resetting Your NetID Password

Applies to: Students, Staff, Faculty



Password Reset

  1. Navigate to and select Click here to reset your password OR for first-time account setup

  1. Read and Accept the terms, then select Continue

  1. Enter your NetID and select Next

  1. Retrieve the security code from your personal email address (NOT your UTD email), enter the code, and select Next

  1. Select the Password Reset option, enter a new password, and select Next
  • Ensure that your password complies with UTD policies, you’ve never used it before, and that it contains no easily guessable personal information.

  1. Select Validate New Password to begin validating your password


  1. A small window should appear at the top of your browser as shown below. Enter your NetID and new password and select Sign In to validate that it has been changed correctly.


  1. Registering your Personal Email. Select the Next button to continue.
  • These steps only need to be done to re-register your personal email or to register a different personal email


  1. Enter your new password and select Next


  1. Enter a Personal Email Address (NOT your UTD email) and then select Next


  1. After that, you should receive this screen and you can select Finish to complete the process.

Security and Access > Identity and Account (NetID) Management
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