Business Services plays an important role in the planning and continuity of OIT’s operations. Many of the support tasks that cannot be handled by individual units are handled by our team. We can be seen as the glue that helps hold OIT together. A description of the main services provided by Business Services are listed below.


Business Services is responsible for managing the budget of OIT. This is done by tracking expenses in PeopleSoft and ensuring that expenditures are within a pre-determined range. In addition, Business Services plays an important role in the annual planning of the budget and capital projects.


Business Services also assists with HR tasks that pertain to OIT. This includes maintaining a record of personnel in OIT and ensuring that personnel are correctly on-boarded and off-boarded. Business Services also assists with managing the student workers who are a part of OIT.


Lastly, Business Services maintains and tracks the software renewals, hardware renewals, and assets for OIT. This includes working with vendors to receive quotes and then processing those quotes in eProcurement. The renewals and vendor profiles are maintained by Business Services in a database to assist with future negotiations.